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Make a Payment

We have many options to choose from.

Options for Payment

You can mail your check or money order with your assessment coupon to your community in care of the bank and its lockbox mailing address. The coupon identifies your specific association and account. The lockbox processes your payment along with the coupon and deposits your payment into the association’s account.  Then, they provide that information to Tri-City so that we can update your account.  Please note that payments sent to the post office box, are picked up several times a day and the payments received with a check and coupon are processed on the same business day.  As always, make your check payable to your community.

Your Community Name
c/o Tri-City Property Management Services, Inc.
PO Box 66694
Phoenix, AZ 85082-6694

If you use your bank website or software, such as Quicken, please note that your payments are typically NOT sent electronically. In nearly every case, your bank or billpay service prepares a “paper” check which is then mailed to the association. Please be sure to read the disclosures on your bank’s website that should provide you with the lead time necessary to make your payments on time. This is not something that we can control. This is controlled only by YOUR bank, and payment is taken from your account at the time you initiate the payment, not when we receive and cash your check. Be sure to read carefully these disclosures with your bank and see what the delivery time is for your payment.

REMEMBER, a coupon does not accompany your payment, so please be sure you have your check made payable to your community, that you have your account number (shown on your coupon) on the check, and your check also identifies the payment based upon the “deeded owner name” and property address.


1136 000999 00000000999123456 JOHN DOE000 040200 1

We have an online option to process a one-time or set up recurring credit card or e-check payment.

Bank Website                    https://propertypay.firstcitizens.com/HOAPass/

Processing time – 48 hours
Maximum payment $50,000.00
Credit cards or e-check convenience options available:

  • Transaction/convenience fee for Debit/Credit Card – 2.95% (of the total payment amount)
  • e-check – Use this option to make a one-time payment or create a payment schedule – $1.95 per occurrence
  • Mobile e-check app option – please see bank website for details – $1.95 per occurrence

To access instructions on this service, please click Here.

Accounting Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay over the phone? Or with a credit card?

We cannot take information over the phone, but you can pay by credit / debit card on the ‘Make a Payment’ tab. There, you will be redirected to a third party credit card processing company. Please note, there is a fee for making your payment in this manner. Payments can also be set up as reoccurring.

My online bill pay check was drafted from my account but the Association did not receive it, how is that possible?

Nearly all online bill pay services debit your account and print a paper check, mailing it to our office or lockbox. Debiting your account does not mean we received your payment, as it still has to be sent to us through the mail. Only your bank or bill pay service can help you with a stop payment and credit your account for those funds.

Where can I find my Account Number? I am trying to set up a bill pay service and won't be using coupons.

Your account number is located in the lower LEFT hand corner of your payment coupon embedded in the series of numbers that run along the lowest line. You can see an example of the number on our page “Options for Payment”. Please note that your account number may be different from your lot number. The bank that operates the lockbox for Tri-City Property Management uses this unique number to identify your lot. Be sure to make your check payable to the name of your Community, and not to Tri-City Property Management.

Why does the Association have to monitor the pending foreclosure on my home?

The Association has an obligation to maintain the membership records of the Association. Membership in your Community is predicated on deeded ownership in the lots/units. A foreclosure action by your mortgage company would impact membership in the Association. The Association also has the authority to pass along costs associated with collection of assessments and other fees. That authority is found in individual declarations, as well as state statute.

I am having financial difficulties or have lost my employment. Is there any way that I can establish a payment plan to get caught up on my assessment payments?

Although we have to take direction from the Board of Directors at each Association we manage; nearly every community will allow a payment plan to help its members get back on track with your periodic assessments. Please contact accounting@tcpm.net to discuss with one of our helpful staff.

Can I enroll in Surepay if I bank using a Canadian bank?

Unfortunately not. Surepay is an autodebit process that utilizes the United States Federal Reserve wire system as its means for withdrawing the funds from your bank account. You must utilize a bank that is a member of the U.S. banking system.

I am already on the Surepay System, but need to change my banking account information. What do I need to do?

Please complete a Surepay Form, indicating that you are changing your bank account information. You can download a form at the “Make a Payment” tab and then to “SurePay/ACH Form” tab. Complete the form and include a void check. Please fax that information to our Corporate Office at (480) 844-2061 or scan and email to accounting@tcpm.net. You may also mail the paperwork to our Corporate Office at 760 S. Stapley Dr., Mesa, AZ 85204. Be sure to provide us with a way to contact you if we have any questions. We will update our records accordingly.